The Early Brain

The exponential window of opportunities only happens once in a lifetime during the first three years of age.  When a child is given the opportunities during these critical years, he will develop a better brain given the enriched environment.  

Every child born has over 100 billion brain cells, also called neurons, that are waiting to connect.  These neurons are connected to one another via the synapses.  All parents have to do is to nurture the connectivity of the synapses using our The Early Brain Academy system and methods. 

The first three years of life are most critical period of explosive growth in all aspects of a baby’s development and well-being.  It is important to provide the baby with an environment that encourages his development on purpose during these early developmental years, when a child’s brain grows and develops explosively. 

Although learning continues throughout life, there is a special window of opportunity for permanent brain growth and learning that occurs in the first three years of life. This period is vitally important for brain development. It is now recognised that the sooner the baby receives sensory stimulation and opportunity for mobility and language expression, the more likely that brain growth, development, and skills will be optimised.  The The Early Brain Academy Programme establishes your child’s love for learning and constant curiosity to discover new information.

A child’s brain is 85% developed by the age of 3.

This The Early Brain Academy Better Brain diagram depicts the work that we do with parents to develop the early brain fully to become naturally excellent in cognitive, physical, and socioemotional intelligence.