About The Early Brain Academy

All children love to learn. The younger a child is, the easier it is for the child to learn because of the sensitive of the sensory pathways.  

Learning starts from birth.  A child who is given the right environment and opportunities during the critical years from 0 to 36 months of age can achieve intellectual, physical, emotional and social excellence for life.  Parents who have successfully completed their course at the Academy will find their child to be early readers with high problem-solving abilities, physically strong, and is able to relate with people confidently.

The Early Brain Academy (previously known as QiiQ in Singapore) is established and respected by the learner-parents in Singapore and in the region.  Since 2015, the Academy has been partnering parents in nurturing their child’s learning journey in the first 3 years of life. 

The highly capable children who were nurtured through the Academy are the evidence of our work with parents and these children.  Our tested and proven methods in early brain development has gained the approval of our learner-parents in building the foundation for their children to succeed in their life learning journey.

Our vision

Every child born needs the enriched environment and opportunities early to develop a better brain for the future.

Our mission

To equip and enable parents in nurturing their children early to achieve their full potential for life through a structured and methodological programme during the infant to toddler period, to build a solid foundation for their children’s future education, in sports, and emotional intelligence.

"He is very interested and very curious about everything that is around him. ​ And his vocabulary has improved by a lot."

Joanna & Jeffrey
The Early Brain Academy Parents​

4Ps to Our Success


Our team is committed to working with parents in developing and nurturing their children to achieve their full potential. It is our joy seeing parents enjoying their parenting journey!


Everyone at The Early Brain Academy possesses the passion in building confident and happy children, by partnering with our learner-parents to achieve this goal.


The parents and child together are the most dynamic nurturing and learning team. Children develop better brains with nurturing parents who provide the right environment and experience!


Our course principles are backed by past 12 years' research based on neuroscience research and study of the learning psychology of children. Our learner-parents agree that their children are easy to manage because of their journey with the Academy.