Founder’s Note

Patricia Zoey Tan (Mrs)Enrichment and tuition centres are sprouting in Singapore. Many parents only come to realise that their child is not interested in reading nor any form of activity that requires the discipline to sit, think and analyse, when the child enters the kindergarten stage.

Enrolling the child into enrichment programmes to help him cope in his school academic curriculum may be a solution.  However, this is a reactive approach to inculcate the learning habit in a child. 

Every child loves to learn when learning is fun, and done in a loving environment.  Parents simply need to do the right thing during the first three years of the child’s life by making sure that the early brain is not ‘hurt’ but enhanced.

Yes, many parents are hurting or slowing their child’s brain growth without realising it!

Then, they realise it too late when the child starts school.  It is no more fun for both parents and child when the stress in education starts to increase.  The cortisol hormones increase which brings down the immune system, and worse the individual’s mental health.  Besides, this is causing strained parent-child relationship. 

Parenting does not have to be stressful.  It is my hope that parents who are with child between 0 to 36 months learn to create the right environment and experience in connecting the synapses in an orderly manner.  My dream is to see many more parents like myself and like our The Early Brain Academy parents who are enjoying a “Fearless Parenting” journey because we are sure that we have set a strong foundation for our children to cope with the future challenges in life.

Intelligence (I mean cognitive, physical and socioemotional intelligence) can be nurtured.  You would be glad that you have joined me in this journey when you see the outcome of your effort when your child enters school.

Remember, NO schooling before 3.  Just nurture your child’s full potential through play and bonding!

It is our hope that parents will find the parenting journey a joyful one – an experience that is without stress; and be marvelled each day as they see their child growing in physical strength and having a better brain in learning. 

Patricia Zoey Tan (Mrs)
Founder & Director