Blooming Joy

Blooming Joy is designed specially for expectant parents and parents with newborns.

Parents know that the first months of life are vital to the well-being of their children. Although learning continues throughout life, there is a special window of opportunity for permanent brain growth and learning that occurs in the first year of life.

Expectant parents learn how to provide the BEST opportunities for your newborn’s brain growth in just 5 Blooming Joy workshops online

The first 2 workshops are conducted before your baby’s arrival, and next 3 workshops are conducted monthly after the first month of your baby’s arrival. 

Parents will learn how to develop the sensory and motor pathways of your infant.  Step-by-step demonstrations will be given throughout the workshops to make sure that our new parents are confident in welcoming their newborn.  What an exciting time!

Parents will be given a full set of Blooming Joy Sensory Stimulation kit and posters to be used at home. You will be guided in creating a home environment that enhances and enriches the early brain development.

Most importantly, parents learn how to design an effective and balanced daily programme for physical and cognitive growth.