Frequently Asked Questions

Because the brain is most sensitive in the first 3 years of life, parents should start nurturing the early brain as early as from birth.  Expectant parents may join our Blooming Joy which is a prelude to our High Achievers Academy, designed for 4 months old and above.

The Early Brain Academy caters only for parents who are with child 0 to 3 years old.  Any age between 3 to 4 years old will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We strictly do not admit parents who are with child above 4 years old as the exponential windows of opportunity is in the first 3 years of life.

Our programmes at The Early Brain Academy teaches parents how to development their child’s sensory, motor, and sociomotional pathways.  This is full brain development all the way from the back to the frontal cortex that process information including emotional and social learning.  You may read more about the early brain on our website.

Our High Achievers Academy has seen many keen learners who love to learn through reading and problems solving.  Knowing how to read alone is not enough.  Reading with understanding is more important. This requires the higher cortex work in processing complex information.  Moreover, our P.I.E.S. Achievers naturally have superb memory because they have better brains.

The Early Brain Academy is not an enrichment centre for children.  We specialise in teaching and coaching parents in nurturing their child’s full potential by using our structured P.I.E.S. System.

Please send us fill your contact details in our customer enquiry form found in the “Contact Us” tab.  We will be in touch with you with the next 3 working days to qualify your enrolment application.

Alternatively, you may sign up for our “Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential” Workshop to learn more about the early brain before your enrolment.

We do not test or do evaluation on your baby.  In fact, testing slows down the child’s learning. We do not need to test, our babies will show you their capabilities naturally when you commit yourself to developing your baby, by following our instructions taught in the P.I.E.S. System strictly.  You just have to keep providing input of information to your baby’s brain through the critical pathways and he will eventually show you what he knows naturally.  You’ll be surprised!

The results will show when you finish your programme at High Achievers Academy and beyond, into your child’s future joy in learning.  This is because the frontal cortex is what your child is capable to do when you complete the programme.  We are not after ‘results’ – it is about your child’s lifelong learning capabilities.

Our objective is to stimulate our children visually and auditorily to grow their brains. As reading is a brain function, your child can naturally read easily when you have provided enough words for your child at an early stage.  However, you have to follow our P.I.E.S. System closely. 

Many parents have tried on their own by making or buying their own materials but failed.  We have come across parents who have dampened their child’s interest to learn because they did it wrongly on their own.  We have helped many of them turn their children around.

We don’t test our children, but we know that they are reading by the way they ask questions and their interest in books.  So we don’t build a timeline but we know for sure by 3-4 years of age, our children enjoy reading by themselves and talk about the things they read.