Our Satisfied Parents

Wayne & Amanda

“…Patricia’s P.I.E.S. System complements each other…it just makes the kid more confident…and willing to explore.”

Bryan & Christine

“I’m more confident in knowing how to connect with my children through what I’ve learnt.”

Joanna & Jeff

“He is very interested and very curious about everything that is around him. ​And his vocabulary has improved by a lot.”


“We just let her be the best in her own way. We’re really thankful. We could not have achieved if not for the programme.”

Henky & Vera

“…we can understand the nuances, cause and effect, and we really benefitted from the early brain nurturing.”

Rainer & Iza

“It’s fascinating to see Jasper paying attention to other people’s need.”


“I’m a happy mother because to me he is a child that understands now, and he wants to learn.”